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Duo Muck Spreaders

Farmers and Estate Managers looking to make better use of farm produced manures to offset the high cost of bought in artificial fertiliser need to look no further than K-Two’s Duo spreader.  The Duo’s ability to handle all farm manures efficiently whilst achieving an even, accurate spread pattern, allows farmers and contractors to be confident that farm yard manure nutrients are available for soil improvement and crop uptake equal to balanced artificial applications.

Key to K-Two’s Duo success is its two heavy-duty vertical rotors, dynamically balanced and fitted with long life reversible teeth. These spreading rotors now rotate at a faster 417 rpm providing a wider, finer more evenly spread pattern of manure across the field. The high tensile open flight rotors permit alternative spreading paddles to be fitted and combined with redesigned lower spreading spinners, dramatically improve the spreading of high water content manures, whilst maintaining K-Two’s reputation for efficiently handling and quickly spreading heavier straw manure and by-products.

Available in a range of capacities from 6 – 14 tonnes, complete with popular and useful options to satisfy individual requirements, K Two are confident that this reliable and durable Duo range will continue to set the standard for years to come, ensuring demand and second-hand values remain high.